As a sleep deprived new mother, I longed for a way to keep my daughter at ease throughout the night by keeping her binky in her crib. Recognizing the assurance my baby got from both her binky and her blanket, I envisioned the Bella Binky Blanket. Made with the baby’s comfort in mind, the Bella Binky Blanket fashionably combines the security of a pacifier with the soothing comfort of a blanket; proven to quiet even the fussiest of babies.

As each of my babies went through their binky bearing years, the Bella Binky Blanket has been tested and perfected to withstand the frequent chewing, dragging and tugging familiar to every parent. Handmade in California, the premium quality blanket is soft to the hand and beautiful to the eye. The machine washable fabric is available in three pattern choices that are sure to complement any baby’s wardrobe. Our most popular product, the Pacifier Blanket, is made with a fabric hook and an industrial strength snap, so parents can simply unsnap and remove the pacifier for cleaning.  

Offering countless hours of peace and quiet, these blankets are a must have for any growing family.  Mothers everywhere agree, the Bella Binky Blanket simply makes life easier.


Never Lose That Binky Again!

How the Binky Blankets came to fruition...